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How It Works

Connect to Instagram

To get started, sign up then add your Instagram account to InstaRanker Dashboard . Once you’re connected, you will be able to start boosting your account.

Adjust your settings

Now that you’re in the InstaRanker dashboard, you’ll want to set up your account to target the type of audience you want to engage with.

BOOST your Account

Once you have completed your settings, press the Green Start button. Now relax and enjoy your new world and engagement.

InstaRanker Overall Status So Far



Our instagram bot service is a web based bot, which means there is no need for you to download or install anything on your computer. You can access InstaRanker at any time and from anywhere.


According to specific hashtags, InstaRanker will help you to like, comment, follow, or even unfollow users in an automated way. Yes it’s that easy! Just watch it work!

Start & Close

No matter what your account status is ,start and close your browser window ,change accounts , log in or logout .InstaRanker will keep running and smoothly operating.

Take the system for a test drive and discover for yourself why it is worth it!

Always Online

Do you wish to keep interacting with your audiences whom you are interested with?
InstaRanker will help you like, comment, follow people, and increase your Instagram followers.

100% Safe

To keep your account safe, InstaRanker controls the activity speed utilizing accurate algorithms. Because your account safety is our priority, we use a private proxy connection for each account.

One & Done

No matter what your knowledge of Instagram or marketing in general, all you need to do is to push the Green button to get started and watch your results grow!

Manage Your Dream 🙂

InstaRaker will offer you an easy, practical, and time-saving dashboard that you can use to monitor your activity, start, or stop all activities, transfer time to Instagram accounts. You will also have the ability to manage one or hundreds of Instagram accounts in one dashboard.

Target your audience

InstaRaker provides an amazing feature. You will be able to communicate easily and automatically with your target audience. Geolocations gives you the chance to target people according to the location tags from their Instagram photos. This can be done by country, city, or the most popular places in your area.

Time Schedule
You are the boss & It is your game

Your time and schedule is yours to control. You can schedule your activity, play with every detail, whether your InstaRanker activity is running or not, and best of all, your account activity will seems more human than a bot, keeping your account safe, more over it will save your purchased time. so consider scheduling your usage based on your own awake time.

Activity Logs
You will be aware about everything!

Great News from InstaRanker! Finally you will be aware of everything that is happening within your account activity. According to your current settings, the bot will keep you up to date with every single activity that has taken place.

Unlike other bots our servers will give you the whole picture and you will be delighted with what you get. Now the ball is in your court, and you can choose what work best for you .

Moreover, unlike other services we will NOT delete your activity logs as long as your instagram account in your dashboard

Take the system for a test drive and discover for yourself why it is worth it!